Sistema Saskatoon

Indiegogo Campaign

We are thankful to those people who supported our Indiegogo campaign in 2013, which helped us to raise $5685.00. All of the money went towards the purchase of our first set of instruments. We would like to thank the following people, who are just a few of the many donors who contributed to the campaign.

David Gregoire, Nykki Schmid , Ryan and Melanie Cey, Cristalle Watson , Scott Green , Heather Morrison, Catherine Zuck, S. Shacter , Margaret Woloshyn , Craig Leontowicz , Jonathan Moore-Wright , Martin Hemmings , Stephen Kreuger , DeAnn Mercier , Mark Turner , Miranda Molnar, Saache Heinrich, Katya Woloshyn, Randy Theisson and Shelley Woloshyn, Randy and Laurie Riopka, Alan Govan, Ed and Lori Unverricht, Alissa Cheung , Barrie and Sharon Spigott, Chelsea Belyk, Jacqueline Nutting, Brittany Gross, Sheilagh Steer, Sylvia Chave, Stephanie Hughes, Paul and Wendy McKnight, Garry Gable , Daniel Funk , Joe and Connie Abrook, Jim and Marion Penna, Gabe Penna and Karin Tate, Stephen Davis , Devin Hyde , Stacey Hoskins, Nova Wong , Carissa Klopoushak , Natalie Walliser